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The nation's #1 traveling animal entertainment company based in Stephenville, TX and Medford, OR is taking applications for our 2020 winter and summer tours!
Work with us
We are seeking interns to help operate our petting zoos which will be touring Texas in February and March and California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Idaho, Florida, Oklahoma this summer.

Great American Petting Farm is the perfect work environment for those who wish to gain a more "hands on experience" working with animals.
Work with us
Work with a wide variety of hand-raised animals including: Nubian, Alpine, Lamancha, Boer and Pygmy goats; Southdown, Shetland, St. Croix, Barbados, and Cheviot sheep; Zebu Calves, miniature Sicilian Donkeys, Llamas, Alpacas, Fallow Deer, Call Ducks, chickens, Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs, Bennett Wallabies, and a large variety of baby animals, many of them being fed with baby bottles!
An internship with the Great American Entertainment Co. is amazing opportunity to learn with America’s finest animal entertainment company. For over 30 years, the Great American Entertainment Co. has been well respected by the USDA and the Oregon and California Departments of Fish and Wildlife and they have utilized our expertise in order to help them construct their regulations regarding petting zoos.
Learning opportunities with us include; learning about species specific diseases; proper animal husbandry practices including hoof trimming, sheep shearing, record keeping and breeding programs; assisting in live births; bottle feeding, raising, and handling of exotic Fallow Deer fawns and Bennett Wallabies; veterinary care work, including herd vaccinations and de-worming, administering medications and vaccines, opportunities to assist in on-site veterinarian visits; herd identification methods including tattooing and micro chipping; licensing and disease testing requirements for traveling; our award winning operational techniques, and our e.coli prevention program.
Work with us
There are many responsibilities that come with operating our petting zoos, from helping our patrons and caring for our animals to setting up our petting zoo structure and maintaining its impeccable cleanliness.

It is required that interns have a basic knowledge of animal husbandry (or are willing to learn) and a personality that likes people and can deal with the public in a courteous manner.

If you would love the opportunity to intern with us while traveling the country and learning from our expert petting farm team...
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Gain experience
The Great American Entertainment Co. is the number one petting zoo, pony ride and children’s attraction company in America. For over 30 years, we've traveled the country bringing wholesome family entertainment to fairs, festivals and rodeos. Volunteers, including high school students, have the opportunity to work with our wide variety of friendly, hand-raised animals and learn from our expert zoo crew team, all the while gaining valuable volunteer hours.
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Join us
The Great American Entertainment Co., is looking for hardworking, honest people that love animals, kids, and traveling. We are the #1 animal attractions company in the U.S. and work at some of the largest rodeos and fairs in the country. Our company promotes agriculture and edutainment. We are a family oriented company! We are looking to fill positions for our summer routes.
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Dear Great American Entertainment Co...

Your petting zoo is the best ever. I went to the one in Orange County (Southern CA.). I could have spent the entire day there. Got some excellent pictures.

One genius goat was just waiting by the food dispensing machine. When people put money in, he pushed them out of the way and ate the pellets right out of the machine. A much smaller goat could never reach where the pellets came out so he was standing on top of the hay to get the sympathy vote.

I was especially impressed with the variety of animals. I had never seen where children (and adults) were also allowed to brush them.

I hope you come again every year. I will be there. I will plan it so that I can spend at least 1 hour there. Had a great time. Your animals are clearly well taken care of.

Dr. Patty Boge (veterinarian)

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