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Cooking Show
Cooking Show
Cooking shows are the new entertainment—
People flock to learn simple, healthy, decadent recipes!

Specializing in homemade farm-fresh recipes
Syndicated National Radio Talk Show Host, Dianne Linderman, brings her unique cooking show to the fair industry.

With thirty-plus years in the industry—founder and creator of the award-wining Great American Petting Farm and Pony Ride, Dianne has the insight to create entertainment fairgoers will surely love. Using her funny and entertaining personality to demonstrate the preparation of extremely healthy and simple 10-minute recipes, Dianne also seeks to inspire her audience to use local sponsors’ products and produce. With love of home and family as her foundation, she reaches out to America to come back to the kitchen table and start cooking again!
Cooking show
cooking show

Cooking Show will provide:
heart 3 40-minute shows a day
heart Recipes designed around
    sponsors’ products
heart Copies of recipes being prepared
    to give away to public
heart All support ingredients; only main ingredients to be provided by fair or sponsor
heart Unique 1940 Ford Convertible stage or we can use your existing stage
Cooking show layout
Dianne’s husband, David, a classic car builder, has designed a very unique, live cooking stage from a 1940 Ford Convertible. It is fully self-contained and is absolutely adorable! The stage requires electricity, and has a footprint of approximately 20 x 22 feet—and it rolls.
Cooking Show footprint
For more information and a proposal, please contact
Dianne Linderman at 541-761-2007


heart Country Roast Chicken
heart Healthy Simple Chicken Fried Steak Dinner

heart Eggplant Parmesan
heart Cream of Cauliflower Soup
heart Spinach Salad with Strawberries and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing
heart Lemon Olive Oil Salad Dressing

heart Un-cooked Cheesecake
heart Easy Fruit Parfait Dessert
heart Fudge Brownies
heart Healthy Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies

heart Lime Freeze
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pony ride
pony trail ride
picture on a pony
ag ventureland
vintage america
cowboy boot camp
farmyard follies
cooking show
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Dear Great American Entertainment Co...

August 29. 2015

Went to the WA Evergreen State Fair yesterday and visited your petting zoo. Wow! What an wonderful experience. Best petting zoo ever. Reminded me of when I was a kid when animals and people were actually allowed to be together! So frustrating when we go to fairs and petting zoo's and the handlers won't allow you to touch their animals. And it was FREE!  Thank you, THANK YOU! The staff was so relaxed yet diligent in cleaning up poop and insuring the well being of both animals and guests. WOW! Kids had fun and I was thrilled to get to pet wallabies, lamas, fawns, piglets and all the other amazingly well behaved animals. How do they all get along so well? Whatever the secret is, THANK YOU! I hope you will be back again next year?

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I have learned to cook over the many years for my family and restaurant with simple, healthy and delicious recipes in less than 20 minutes.

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