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Ag Ventureland
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Ag Ventureland
Our kids’ area with agricultural and educational activities includes:
Ag Ventureland
star Milk a Cow
star Steer Roping
star Go Fishing
star Pedal Tractors
star Pooper Scooper Station
star Saddle, Bridle, & Grooming Station
star Ag-Music
star Bean Box
star Corn Box
star Scarecrow Building
star Eggs to Market
star Craft Station & Face Painting...& More
Ag Ventureland
Ag Ventureland
Sizes and prices to fit your budget!
Ag Venureland

Our Ag-Venturelands™ can be laid out in numerous ways.
They consist of 10 x10 tents with a menu of hands-on stations available.
Ag Ventureland
petting farm
pony ride
pony trail ride
picture on a pony
ag ventureland
vintage america
cowboy boot camp
farmyard follies
cooking show
innovative kids
kids can cook
pig races
pig train

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Dear Great American Entertainment Co...

Your petting zoo is the best ever. I went to the one in Orange County (Southern CA.). I could have spent the entire day there. Got some excellent pictures.

One genius goat was just waiting by the food dispensing machine. When people put money in, he pushed them out of the way and ate the pellets right out of the machine. A much smaller goat could never reach where the pellets came out so he was standing on top of the hay to get the sympathy vote.

I was especially impressed with the variety of animals. I had never seen where children (and adults) were also allowed to brush them.

I hope you come again every year. I will be there. I will plan it so that I can spend at least 1 hour there. Had a great time. Your animals are clearly well taken care of.

Dr. Patty Boge (veterinarian)

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