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Great American Entertainment Company has made the final move to Texas. Our new company headquarters is in the town of Stephenville, also known as the Crossroads of Texas. We are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful town, which has highways that lead to all the major Texas towns and cities such as Dallas (one hour and twenty minutes away), Fort Worth (one hour away), Austin (two hours away), and only thirty minutes to the historic lake town of Granbury, Texas.
Aerial view of ranch
Lone Star Ranch Retreats
We are hoping to talk you into making a trip to visit our ranch and store and to stay with us. Our Great American Lone Star Ranch is a five-bedroom, six-bath ranch house with a kitchen full of the incredible aroma of farm-to-table recipes created by our own in-house chef/cook; always farm-fresh and always homemade.

Lone Star Retreats
We also have
two gorgeous Vacation Rentals on each side of our ranch if you would like more space to bring your whole family. We don’t have a designated website for this yet, but we can chat by phone, 541-761-2007, give you more information and rates, take your reservation, and put you in the perfect themed room!
Lone Star Retreats
Fire Fly Inn
Lake House
Kids Can Cook
We have launched a Cooking School here at our Great American Lone Star Ranch in Stephenville,Texas! The popularity of Dianne’s famous, “Kids Can Cook” show across the U.S. gave us the idea to build a “Kids Can Cook Academy” on our ranch. Classes began on June 8, 2019. Kids ages 5-17 participate in a half day of Cooking and a Ranch adventure that not only teaches them to cook breakfast and lunch from scratch, but also gives them the opportunity to experience where their food comes from as they tour the ranch and interact with our animals.
Kids Can Cook
starOther things we are doing!
We have also opened an adorable store in Granbury, Texas, a beautiful lake town thirty minutes from our Great American Lone Star Ranch. The Texas Junk Company is full of vintage and vintage-style merchandise, and of course Dianne’s cookbooks. You will be greeted with a warm, homemade chocolate chip cookie. This is a must if you ever plan a trip to our neck of the woods.
Texas Junk
Meet the animals
Meet the animals
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Dianne’s interview with Miss Kay

Dianne In the middle of November, a few of us Petting Zoo girls had the privilege of actually visiting the Duck Commander Headquarters, where we were happily greeted by Al Robertson the oldest son of the Duck Dynasty boys. Because of my nationally syndicated radio talk show, “Everything That Matters,” I had the greatest pleasure of getting to know Al, and his wife, Lisa, and Miss Kay. I must say, what a fun and enlightening few hours we had getting to know them and finding out many of Al, Lisa and Miss Kay’s family stories. They are the real deal and are all dynamic entrepreneurs.
     Al and Lisa Robertson had their own incredible journey in life and have recently written a book about their struggles with marriage, infidelity, and redemption; a real tearjerker, but with a fairytale ending. Their book, “A New Season: A Robertson Family Love Story of Brokenness and Redemption,” is a must read. It is an authentic account of what it takes to have true love for each other.
     Miss Kay’s interview was hilarious, in-depth, and genuine to say the least. She shared a simple and delicious biscuit recipe and told us stories about how Willie became the radical entrepreneur he is today, even single handedly shutting down the school concessions. We also had lunch at Willie’s Duck Diner and had a fantastic and huge Louisiana lunch.

If you would like to hear the interview with Miss Kay,
                             CLICK HERE

Meet “the girls”...

Annabelle, Buttercup, Lulu Bell, Ginger, and Ellie. We call them, “the girls.” These tiny zebu cows are the sweetest and most gentle animals we have ever had in our petting zoo. Our herd is now up to eight, and we hope by next year that we will be seeing a bunch of new babies!
We love to brag about our kids...

LukeRemember Luke Linderman— Great American’s young filmmaker? In addition to the heartwarming promotional video, “Who is Great American Entertainment?” that you may have seen, Luke has recently created another award-winning video entitled, “America the Beautiful – A Tribute to the American Dream and the Heroes that Fight for It”.

Also... Luke entered the famous Doritos Superbowl Commercial Contest! If you would like to watch this super-funny and well-made commercial, CLICK HERE

Keep an eye on our young rising star—and if you ever have any need of filmmaking projects... let him know. He is open for business.
            Illuminant Media • 541-631-8282

LoganMeet Logan, a very independent entrepreneur who participated in our “Innovative Kids of America” program for two years, and at the ripe old age of five, took up running heavy equipment. Today, at age 10, he has his own business buying and selling games and other collectables.

AlexandraMeet Alexandra Linderman, another rising star. At 15 years of age Alexandra started providing art for us, and now at 21, she is our official in-house artist. Many of you may know that we use a lot of art for our attractions, as pictures are worth a thousand words. The header on this homepage is her creation that is now used as a backdrop for the “Farmyard Follies” show. She also created the beautiful backdrop we use at our convention booths.

interesting stuff
Vintage America™
This attraction could easily be our most heartwarming attraction of all!
Meet “Vintage America™!”
vintage america
As we sat at the front door of “Vintage America™,” our new attraction that debuted at the Sacramento County Fair this year, we found that everyone had a camping story of their own to share. “Vintage America™” is a 1959 Airstream trailer completely restored and decked out and made adorable beyond belief! The concept is to create an everlasting experience, where fair attendees feel like they are on a movie set or truly standing in history.
      Next to the trailer is an optional attraction, Dianne Linderman and her Camping/Glamping Cooking Show, teaching everyone how to make one-pot meals and not your usual hot dogs and hamburgers.
      What we did not bank on was the incredible response that this attraction evoked in every man, woman and child. We have decided to ask each and every person to share their story with us, and we will then create a book of these wonderful memories. Bring this heartwarming attraction to your fair or event and marvel at the love and response from your public. We were floored and even shared tears.
To book this attraction,
please call Pamela, 541-512-1100
Dianne Cooking
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Dear Great American Entertainment Co...

August 29. 2015

Went to the WA Evergreen State Fair yesterday and visited your petting zoo. Wow! What an wonderful experience. Best petting zoo ever. Reminded me of when I was a kid when animals and people were actually allowed to be together! So frustrating when we go to fairs and petting zoos and the handlers won't allow you to touch their animals. And it was FREE!  Thank you, THANK YOU! The staff was so relaxed yet diligent in cleaning up poop and insuring the wellbeing of both animals and guests. WOW! Kids had fun and I was thrilled to get to pet wallabies, llamas, fawns, piglets and all the other amazingly well-behaved animals. How do they all get along so well? Whatever the secret is, THANK YOU! I hope you will be back again next year?

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Your petting zoo is the best ever. I went to the one in Orange County (Southern CA.). I could have spent the entire day there. Got some excellent pictures.

One genius goat was just waiting by the food dispensing machine. When people put money in, he pushed them out of the way and ate the pellets right out of the machine. A much smaller goat could never reach where the pellets came out so he was standing on top of the hay to get the sympathy vote.

I was especially impressed with the variety of animals. I had never seen where children (and adults) were also allowed to brush them.

I hope you come again every year. I will be there. I will plan it so that I can spend at least 1 hour there. Had a great time. Your animals are clearly well taken care of.

Dr. Patty Boge (veterinarian)

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